Grosse Ile offers a variety of outdoor activities. Enjoy playing golf, fishing, boating and sailing. You can walk along tree-covered paths and see abundant wildlife on the Island including deer, eagles and osprey. Red-winged blackbirds, tundra and trumpeter swans, American woodcocks, common loons, belted kingfishers, and many species of songbirds call Grosse Ile home during the spring and summer months. Ring-necked pheasants and bobwhite quail are year-round residents. Grosse Ile is located in the heart of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. It is the first and only International Wildlife Refuge in North America. The refuge includes islands, coastal wetlands, marshes, shoals, and waterfront lands. Lake Erie, which can be seen from the Pilot House, offers the best walleye, smallmouth bass, and perch fishing found anywhere. Adult walleye number in the millions, truly making Lake Erie the walleye capital of the world. The smallmouth bass fishery is surpassed by none. Yellow lake perch is equally abundant. Lake Erie is a sport fishing paradise. If you haven’t fished Lake Erie, you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime.


Michigan’s safest place, Grosse Ile, is named after the French words which mean “Big Island.” Not only is the township of Grosse Ile situated on several islands in the Detroit River, but it truly does seem to be an oasis of calm and safety.

In 2012, Grosse Ile only saw a total of 89 crimes total out of over 10,200 people. That is the same amount that the city of St. Clair Shores saw in motor vehicle theft alone. Of course, Grosse Ile has a much smaller population than this other city, but proportionally Grosse Ile is still the clear winner. Grosse Ile had no reports of murder, forcible rape, or robbery; in fact, almost 100 percent of the total crimes were property theft, and of those 88, 76 were larceny. Residents here have a 1 in 115 chance of being the victim of a crime of any type.


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